Support Local Businesses? YES!!! Here’s Why.

Sep 06, 2022  -  Let's Talk Business

Support Local Businesses? YES!!!

Here’s Why.


When we hear someone say, “We own a business”, often our minds begin to think LUXURY… bags of cash, exotic cars, fancy homes, sitting by the pool sipping a margarita while employees do all their work for them, lots of amazing vacations and more. Most of the time this is NOT reality. The truth is that most small business owners (not all, but most), work ridiculous hours, spend time away from family, are responsible for making sure things are done correctly and have a great deal of personal responsibility not only for their own families, but also for the families of those that work for them.  

Just a few reasons to support local:

1.    Local businesses play a massive role in the identity of Sparta & White County. They are the “lifeline” of our town, they are historical landmarks, they are meeting spots, and they are unique places, that make our community unlike any other! They keep us goin’.


2.    Local businesses create jobs for our friends and families to insure they can earn a living and live comfortably, while being able to shop locally themselves. That’s how our community grows.

3.    You know that whole “Circle of Life” thing!

4.     Local business owners and employees also support our community with sponsorships to kids’ sports, help plan community events, sit on various boards, volunteer, donate, and the list goes on and on. SMALL BUSINESSES ARE INVESTED HERE!


Sooooo…… the next time you’re in a local restaurant, shop, business:

take a “selfie” and post it on Facebook or Instagram, BRAG on them, leave them a positive review, take your friends and family next time, and keep visiting them regularly. They are what keeps our community alive and growing.


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What are some of your personal favorite places to shop, dine, or play in Sparta & White County?


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