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  • Meat Cutter / Packer

    Underground Slaughter
    Job Description
    We are looking for dedicated workers for our processing plant. Duties may include: packaging, de-Boning, cutting, etc. Most positions are repetitive in motion and can require heavy lifting.

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    Must be able to cut, trim, and fabricate whole carcasses of Beef, Hog, Goat, Sheep and lamb within USDA FSIS regulations

    This position could work in any department of the Slaughter, Processing or Packaging facility. These positions require the ability to frequently push, pull, carry, and lift up to 60+ pounds. Work is performed in extreme hot, wet environment, or cold environment. The position requires use of hands and arms above shoulder level and standing 8-10 hours a day. Positions for processing will involve use of a knife and hook to bone out, or trim large pieces of product, or involve the use of powered equipment such as saws or skinner machines. Positions on Slaughter will involve use of a knife and hook to remove the hide from the animals, trim large pieces of product, or run heavy pieces of equipment. Some positions may involve the use of powered equipment such as grinders, mixers, saws, and skinner machines.

    Must maintain good personal hygiene

    Other Responsibilities May Include:

    Ability to inspect materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions.
    Ability to record operational or production data.
    Ability to lift, push, and pull product repetitively in a hot and/or cold.
    Ability to work with sharp instruments.
    The person filling the position must be willing to complete all required training for the job and perform any other duties as assigned.

    Minimum Qualifications:

    Meat cutting experience preferred, but the ideal candidate can be trained;
    Highest attention to detail, organization and cleanliness;
    Great interpersonal and customer relationship skills;
    Passionate about sustainable meat, farming and food education;
    Excellent problem solving skills;
    Positive attitude and ability to pitch in wherever needed an absolute necessity.
    As an equal opportunity employer, Underground Slaughter, LLC. does not discriminate in hiring or terms and conditions of employment because of an individual's race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, or national origin, disability, age or sex, or any other legally-protected classification, except where a reasonable bona fide occupational qualification exists.

    Underground Slaughter, LLC. reserves the right to test applicants/associates for the presence of drugs and/or alcohol in accordance with the Company's substance abuse policy.
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