• ...how about a little shopping, lots of great food, the best

    coffee, some tasty brews & wine...

    • synergy-w956.jpg
      Synergy Herbal Works
    • marioocjis-w522.jpg
      Marioochi’s Pizzeria
    • mush.jpg
      The Fragrant Mushroom Gallery
    • eljefekitchen-w2041.jpg
      El Jefe Kitchen
    • sparkle.jpg
      Sparkle City Tanning Salon Boutique
    • nfvwb-w952.jpg
      Northfield Vineyards
    • thelofts.jpg
      The Lofts of Sparta
    • coffee.jpg
      The Coffee Collective
    • frank-w1440.jpg
    • poodle-w949.jpg
      The Pearl Poodle
    • beer(2)-w960.jpg
      Calfkiller Brewing Company
    • 81427440_2603449366439535_332259198299537408_n.jpg
      Happy Trails Brewing Company
  •   Welcome New Members  

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    • BonDeCroft_School-8977.jpg
      Bon De Croft Elementary School
    • 6e86d567b72c1a1da22e779d17b58e1e1086818915.640x480.jpg
      Cassville Elementary School
    • Doyle-Elementary-School-tn1-w800.jpg
      Doyle Elementary School
    • findley.jpg
      Findlay Elementary School
    • 44781370_2005097139549802_4223633524210532352_n-w1437.jpg
      Northfield Elementary School
    • 47988531_sMxpZh4j3Hc7Kou0qCwd6V6gZ7WYkKfCN6NBIH3JAG0.jpg
      Woodland Park Elementary School
    • wcms.jpg
      White County Middle School
    • wchs.jpg
      White County High School
  • Meet-Our-Staff2.png
  • Marvin Bullock,  President

  • Jenny Dale, Executive Assistant

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  • Thanks to Jared Howard - State Farm, Chamber Partner!